6 Ways to Become More Tech Savvy

tech savvy

6 Ways to Become More Tech Savvy

tech savvy

Technology plays such an important and central role in our lives. For many of us, technology has made certain aspects of our lives easier, like keeping in contact with family and friends or being able to work from anywhere.

For others, becoming tech savvy seems like an insurmountable task. Whether you’re completely new to the internet or are just trying to learn more, here are six ways you can become more tech savvy.

When in Doubt, Google It Out

Chances are, if you’re confused about or have questions regarding something, then someone else has also been confused by the same thing or had the same question. Google (or your preferred search engine) is the easiest place to start with any technology-related questions you might have. 

You would be far from the first person to search for the answers to your questions on the internet. There are virtually unlimited resources available to answer whatever questions you may have!

Take a Course on It

From photography to graphic design and economics to learning another language, there are courses you can take for anything nowadays, including classes or courses that can help you become more tech savvy. 

If you are comfortable trying this out, sites like Skillshare and Udemy are great resources for online courses. If you’d rather do something in person, try looking into what’s available to you locally. A lot of technical schools and community colleges offer classes that are open to non-students. Some colleges and universities even offer courses or certificate programs in technology-related subjects.

Patient Practice Makes Perfect

This is true for most things, we know, but especially when it comes to learning technology. The longer you have your smartphone, the more time you spend on it, the more familiar with it you become. The same goes for computers, tablets, social media, apps, and any other kind of technology you may be interested in. 

It takes time, but the more you do or use something, the better you will get. You just have to be patient with yourself and give yourself as much time as you need to figure it out.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes, we need something explained to us by another person who is actually there, not someone teaching us from the other side of a screen. Be willing to admit when you need help. We all need assistance at some point so don’t hesitate to ask someone who knows more than you. Family and friends are great resources for helping to explain technology and provide a helping hand when you need one.

Start Small

The best way to become more tech savvy is to just start trying. This can be something as simple as getting yourself a Facebook page (also a great way to stay in touch with friends and family!) or switching to using the technological version of something you’re already using.

Artful Agenda is a great way to incorporate using more technology into your everyday life. If you’re already using a paper planner, you’ll find that with a little practice, using a digital planner instead has so many benefits. Using a digital planner can be a simple way to teach yourself how to be more tech savvy.

Join a Group or Community to Learn More

For Artful Agenda, we have the Facebook group Artfully Obsessed. This provides Artful Agenda users with a community where they can ask questions to other users. Members of the group can share ideas for how they’re using the digital agenda and ideas for how the app can be even better. There are thousands of communities like these, on Facebook, other parts of the internet and even in person, that can help you learn more about the technology you’re interested in using.

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