Android Calendar Widget: Keep Artful Agenda on Your Home Screen

Android Calendar Widgets

Android Calendar Widget: Keep Artful Agenda on Your Home Screen

Android Calendar Widgets

Say goodbye to boring Android calendar widgets! With Artful Agenda, you’ll have a colorful calendar on your home screen that is as beautiful as it is functional.

The Difference Between a Widget and an Application

Widgets and applications (or apps) are not the same things. A widget is a separate function that is available for certain apps on Android phones. 

Unlike an app, widgets allow you to access some of the functions of your favorite apps without having to open the app itself. They run directly from wherever you place it on your background, so it’s like having a mini version of an app on your home screen. During our busy days, sometimes an extra click or waiting for an app to open can make a task feel more difficult. Widgets make things simpler by removing that extra step.

Artful Agenda has recently released a widget that works concurrently with our mobile and web apps. After receiving feedback from our Android app users about how adding a widget would “complete” Artful Agenda, we worked hard to create one that is just as aesthetically appealing as our app. 

See Your Schedule at a Glance

The Artful Agenda widget allows you to add your calendar right to your home screen. You get a view of everything coming up on your schedule without having to open the app.

With Artful Agenda, you don’t have to worry about sorting through multiple apps or carrying a paper planner with you. Having our widget on your home screen also serves as a reminder every time you unlock your phone, so you’re less likely to accidentally miss an appointment or forget about a meeting.

Choose Your View

With our widget, you can choose between a daily “agenda” view and a monthly view. With the monthly view, you get a snapshot of the entire month and what you have going on each day. The daily view allows you to see what’s on your schedule for the day, as well as for the following days. 

Be More Productive

Android calendar widgets can be a game-changer when it comes to mobile productivity. Having your calendar as a widget helps boost your productivity and helps you spend your time wisely. Our Artful Agenda widget keeps you on track throughout the day without having to constantly open and check the app.

Make It Pretty

With Artful Agenda, you get to choose your cover and handwriting font, both of which show up in the widget, and we have received incredible feedback about how fun and delightful it is to see their chosen details when they unlock their phones. Combine your cover and font with a color-coordinated calendar, and you’ll love looking at your Artful Agenda widget on your home screen.  

Keep All Your Calendars in One Place

With Artful Agenda, you can connect your different calendar accounts so they all live in the same place. This makes it easier to organize all of your events and activities. 

Simple Set-Up

It’s easy to add your Artful Agenda widget to your Android. 

  1. Start on your home screen. Hold down your finger on a blank area 
  2. Select “Widgets”
  3. Find the options for Artful Agenda
  4. Drag the one you want to your desktop
  5. Hold your finger down on the widget to show the size adjustment capabilities
  6. Enjoy having a beautiful calendar on your home screen

View the Artful Agenda Android App

  • Ali H
    Posted at 09:23h, 25 January Reply

    Is there a widget for apple ?

    • Rosemary Morrison
      Posted at 01:24h, 26 January Reply

      Yes Ali, we are in beta testing right now and it should be released to the Apple Store very, very soon!

  • Courtney
    Posted at 00:20h, 07 March Reply

    When will the widget for iPad be available?

    • Rosemary Morrison
      Posted at 02:44h, 09 March Reply

      Hi Courtney! The iOS widgets were released at the beginning of February. Make sure you have the most recent version downloaded from the Apple App Store.

  • Samantha Bradburn
    Posted at 17:38h, 16 April Reply

    How do you find the Apple widget in the App Store?

    • Rosemary Morrison
      Posted at 20:26h, 20 April Reply

      Hi Samantha! The widget is a part of the normal Artful Agenda app that you download for either your iPad or iPhone. You might have to restart your device after you download the app for it to show up in your list of apps with widget options, but you just add them like normal iOS widgets.

  • Mary Johnston
    Posted at 06:13h, 08 March Reply

    Will we be able to have full screen calendar widget on Apple?

    • Rosemary Morrison
      Posted at 16:39h, 08 March Reply

      Hi Mary! That isn’t something currently on the roadmap, but you can submit your idea through Tech Support under the category Artful Suggestions for consideration.

  • Jasmine Foster
    Posted at 02:24h, 14 March Reply

    Hi! Loving my Artful Agenda so far. Wondering if there will be a macOS desktop widget released soon?

    • Rosemary Morrison
      Posted at 22:29h, 14 March Reply

      We are thrilled to hear you are loving your Artful Agenda Jasmine! This is not currently on our roadmap but you can submit your suggestion through Tech Support under the category Artful Suggestions. Thanks!

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