Artful Agenda is the only Family Calendar App You Need

Artful Agenda is the only Family Calendar App You Need

Dentist appointments, violin lessons, project deadlines, PTA meetings, oil changes, baseball practice, furnace maintenance, vacations, and birthday parties, oh my! Managing your personal commitments is difficult enough, but coordinating the schedules and responsibilities of an entire family can be overwhelming. A functional family calendar system like Artful Agenda is the key to running your household smoothly and with less stress. It has all of the features, flexibility, and fun to make it the only family calendar app and digital planner that you need to keep your family organized.

Family Calendar Fundamentals

Two essential elements of an organized family calendar system are color coding and collaboration. When you create separate calendar categories for each family member and other important areas of your daily life like work, household, and kids’ activities, it gives you the ability to set a default color for each of those categories. Color coding your calendar in Artful Agenda lets you quickly identify how your family will be spending its time and if there are any scheduling conflicts that need to be addressed. It also gives you the ability to share individual calendars with your partner, childcare providers, and even your children if they are old enough. Being able to easily communicate and collaborate about schedules and responsibilities with all the players on your ‘family team’ makes for a winning season!

Features For Today’s Busy Families

One of the features that sets us apart from other digital planners is our ability to sync with all of your existing calendar accounts. You can link multiple Google, Apple, and Microsoft accounts to your Artful Agenda. This allows you to conveniently and seamlessly pull all of your calendars into one beautiful planner. It also allows you to stay on the same page with not just your family, but friends, and colleagues as well by sharing certain calendars through the source accounts with them. 

No matter what devices you use at home, in the office, or on the go, we have you covered! Artful Agenda works on all platforms, macOS, PC/Windows, iOS, and Android. Your annual subscription includes access on all of your devices and syncs seamlessly using cloud technology.  On a desktop computer or laptop, access to your agenda is easy! Use any web browser and navigate to or download our wrapped computer apps for macOS and Windows here for a dedicated clickable desktop icon.  For your mobile devices, the Artful Agenda app is downloadable via Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

Artful Agenda goes far beyond being a basic family calendar app, it aims to give you the same feeling and features of a paper family and household organizer but in a digital format. It includes sections for setting your monthly and weekly goals, a place to plan your family’s meals, boxes for different types of task lists, a daily water tracker, a spot to journal, and a tab for taking notes and making lists.

The absolute magic of planning with Artful Agenda is utilizing digital functions like search, push notifications, and being able to repeat, roll over, and snooze tasks! If you want to know the last time your child had an eye exam or how many times you feed your family spaghetti so far this month, you can use the search feature to quickly find that out. To ensure you get everyone where they need to be on time, push notifications can be set for minutes, hours, days, and weeks before your events to remind you to be ready. Setting up recurring tasks and events to repeat at whatever intervals you need saves so much time by not having to rewrite the same information over and over again. When plans change or you don’t get to a task that day, you can either snooze it to another day or let it roll over to the next day automatically. There are no scribbles, no erasing, and no mess, that is magic!

The Ultimate In Flexibility

Imagine never having to make the torturous decision of which calendar view you want for your planner because with Artful Agenda you get the daily, weekly, and monthly views, all perfectly synchronized. Enter your events just once and they show up in all of the views! 

We provide lots of customization options so you can make your agenda just right for you. With just a click you can choose whether you want to start your week on Sunday or Monday, decide whether you want checked tasks to drop to the bottom of the list, resize your task boxes and rename them to suit your personal needs, and select whether you want American or International date format.

Making Family Organization Fun

Many planner enthusiasts have learned the hard way that a family calendar system will only work for you if you are motivated to use it. This is why Artful Agenda was designed to make digital planning simple, inspirational, and fun. You can choose from over 80 cover designs, 10 different font styles, and hundreds of stickers. The digital format allows you to change your cover and font whenever you want and you’ll never run out of your favorite stickers again. The ability to create calendars for every family member and color code all of your calendar categories enables your planner to be beautiful as well as functional. Coordinating your calendar colors with your current cover choice makes such an attractive presentation that it can actually give you a little boost of dopamine every time you open it!

If you haven’t experienced the features, flexibility, and fun in a digital planner and family calendar app that Artful Agenda provides, you can take advantage of our FREE two-week trial and see for yourself how it can be the key to running your household with less stress and more joy!


  • Elaine
    Posted at 04:54h, 16 February Reply

    I have been looking for something like artful agenda for years!! I am so excited to find it and just tarted the 2 week trial and have been very impressed so far. Thank you!

    • Rosemary Morrison
      Posted at 05:41h, 16 February Reply

      Hi Elaine! We are so happy to hear that you have found planner peace with Artful Agenda!

  • Danielle
    Posted at 01:54h, 22 November Reply

    How do I add other family members (husband/kids) to my calendar so that hey can see it as well?

    • Rosemary Morrison
      Posted at 03:24h, 22 November Reply

      Hi Danielle! If you want your family to have full editing access to your Artful Agenda you can give them your login credentials. If you only need to share calendar events with them you can share through your linked source calendar so they would continue to use their usual calendar app.

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