Healthy Habits 7 Day Challenge

Healthy Habits 7 Day Challenge


“There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.”
– Peter A. Cohen


Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to mean a strict diet or long, intense workouts. (Although that may be what you choose to do, and more power to you if so!) You can feel better and healthier by focusing on small changes to your daily habits. Getting to bed on time so that you get the sleep you need, drinking enough water, moving your body more, and focusing on nutritious meals. Try this moderate approach to health for a week and see what it does for your body, mind and spirit! Interested? Participate with these three easy steps:


1. Tag a friend to join you.

Tag a friend (or two or three) on Instagram or Facebook and encourage them to join you in this Healthy Habits challenge.

2. Join the Artfully Obsessed Facebook group.

Click here to join! There will be daily check-in posts for you to comment on.

3. Track your progress using Artful Agenda or the planner of your choice.

Artful Agenda makes it easy to track your water, write down your healthy meal plans and schedule important things like workouts! You can even check “go to bed on time” off of your task list!


One person who successfully completes the challenge will win a FabFitFun box!

Let’s get healthy… artfully!



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