How Hex Color Codes Can Improve Your Planning Game

hex color codes

How Hex Color Codes Can Improve Your Planning Game

The ability to use hex color codes to individualize your agenda is one of the most fun and unique features of using a digital agenda or planner like Artful Agenda. Here’s why we love having this kind of flexibility. 

First, What Is a Hex Color Code?

Simply put, hex color codes are used by web browsers and applications to identify and represent different colors. They are alphanumeric codes made up of six characters, and each color has its own unique code. 

hex color codes

Finding hex color codes for the colors you want to use is as simple as an internet search. Some great sites where you can start are color-hex and Encolorpedia

Why Using Hex Colors Is Perfect for Planners

In the world of digital planning, you have the ability to decorate your agenda in a different way than with a paper planner. Using hex color codes gives you the ability to use any color you’d like. 

With this kind of flexibility, you can change the entire color scheme of your planner based on the mood or the season. You can color coordinate your calendar to match your current cover and edit it as often as you like. You can do pastels for springs and earth tones for fall without ever needing to buy a new planner or print new pages.

Plus, you can save money by using hex color codes. The ability to use them is already included with your membership of Artful Agenda, so you don’t have to pay for a planner and then also pay for the tools you need to color-code and organize it. Say goodbye to having to pay for and keep up with pens or washi tape!

Color Coding Makes Organization Easy and Increases Productivity

Organizing your activities into categories using different colors does not just make your planner look pretty. It also makes it simple to identify what you have on your schedule and recognize how you’re spending your time. 

You can create a calendar for each category or section you’d like to have color-coded in your Artful Agenda and save the hex code to that calendar. These can even be created within one calendar account, so they’re simple to incorporate.

Start by breaking your schedule down into categories and assigning each category its own color. Click here to watch our tutorial if you need guidance. You can keep track of the hex color codes and what category they represent in the List section of Artful Agenda to keep the information convenient and in one place. 

hex color codes in the list

If you’ve ever felt like there aren’t enough hours in the day, color coordinating your schedule can help with that! Breaking down your daily schedule in Artful Agenda and organizing all of your planned activities, appointments, and errands by color can assist you with finding more efficient ways you could be spending your time. It also helps you stay on-task and spend time doing the things you need to and that are important to you. 

Switch Up Your Colors as Often as You Like and Get Creative

Unlike with a paper planner, you’re not stuck with the colors you initially choose, and you don’t have to redo or reprint pages if you decide you want to change the colors. Artful Agenda is more flexible than a paper planner and gives you the chance to be as creative as you want.

You can switch your colors as often or an unoften as you like. Plus, with an assortment of colors already available in Artful Agenda, using colors in your digital planner has never been easier. It’s also a great creative outlet that allows you to have fun, get motivated, and stay organized.

Some of Our Favorite Cover + Hex Color Code Matches

As people obsessed with planning and organization, we know how important (and pretty!) color coordination is. Here are some hex color codes that go with some of our favorite covers.

No Drama Llama

no drama llama color code
  • #6ca4ab
  • #669455
  • #bdc289
  • #cf7c96
  • #f0b952
  • #a7c6c4

Dots of Fun

  • #d63f3c
  • #d492b8
  • #31777e
  • #c58e47
  • #939033
  • #c88078

It’s an Artful World

  • #ee8e1d
  • #c95e88
  • #4087a3
  • #65c496
  • #24afd5
  • #738ac6

Fall for Floral

  • #d9815d
  • #373e56
  • #7a9079
  • #f1b93e
  • #d0a5b8
  • #64748c

Fabulous Fiesta

fabulous fiesta hex codes
  • #2192a3
  • #e15754
  • #e9c220
  • #dd45c3
  • #9f1f6e
  • #749b69

The possibilities are endless with Artful Agenda. Start planning today! 

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