Monthly Goals: How to Set Your Month Up for Success

monthly goals

Monthly Goals: How to Set Your Month Up for Success

monthly goals

The beginning of a month is the perfect time to sit down and focus on your goals because you have a new, blank slate in front of you. You also have a fresh understanding of what you could have done better from the previous month, giving you great insight into what new monthly goals to set. Here are our tips to help you set up your monthly goals.

Set Clear Goals

Your monthly goals should be clearly defined and specific enough that you 1) know when you’ve achieved the goal and 2) know what you need to do to achieve it. A clear goal should be direct, actionable, and realistic. 

For example, “drink more water” might sound like a good goal, but it’s not measurable  and is subjective. (More water than what? How much water is considered “more”?) By changing it to the more specific goal of “drink at least half my body weight in ounces of water a day,” you’ve given yourself a quantifiable goal that you can strive to achieve.

Artful Agenda has a Goals section in its Month view that is the perfect spot for tracking your monthly goals and keeping them front of mind whenever you open our web, tablet, or mobile app.

Take Action 

Once you’ve decided on your monthly goals, break them down into smaller steps you can follow to achieve the goal. 

You can use the list tab in Artful Agenda to detail the steps you need to take in order to successfully commit to your monthly goals. Using our water example, you can create a list that includes things like “buy a giant water bottle from Amazon” and “set reminders every two hours to checkhow much I’ve had to drink.” The List function allows you to assign these items to the task lists of individual days so that you are less likely to forget about them.

You can also use the Goal section in Artful Agenda’s Week view to keep track of these smaller steps as needed.

Track Your Progress

Nothing makes goals more exciting than the feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes with achieving them! 

Continuing our  water example, Artful Agenda allows you to set daily recurring tasks that you can check off once you’ve finished drinking your water. (The Day view in Artful Agenda also includes a water tracker, which comes in handy for anyone trying to stay hydrated!) 

Questions to Ask Yourself

To figure out what your monthly goals should be, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What changes would improve my happiness or satisfaction with life?
  • What would I like to improve from last month?
  • What would I like to accomplish by the end of this month? Is this realistic?

Monthly Goal Ideas

Having trouble coming up with monthly goals? Here are some ideas!

Career goals
  • Take a professional development class
  • Ask for the raise you deserve
  • Find a mentor
  • Apply for two new jobs a week

Health and fitness goals
  • Don’t go more than two days in a row without working out
  • Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day
  • Drink warm lemon water every morning
  • Take a probiotic every day

Financial goals
  • Limit eating out to a set number of meals a week 
  • Make coffee at home five days a week
  • Create a  predetermined budget for online shopping
  • Set up automatic transfers from your checking account to your saving account

Personal goals
  • Pick one day a week where you will not check your work email
  • Read two books this month
  • Get outside for at least 20 minutes every day
  • Write in a gratitude journal every day

Choose Artful Agenda

Begin each month on the right foot with Artful Agenda. Our mobile, tablet, and web apps are the perfect, visually appealing tools to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your monthly goals!

Ready to try Artful Agenda?

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