Summer Fun with Phone Wallpapers: Free Downloads from Artful Agenda!

Summer Fun with Phone Wallpapers: Free Downloads from Artful Agenda!

Summer is here, and at Artful Agenda, we’re all about celebrating the season in style! To complement our latest premium Artful Summer 2024 Covers & Sticker Pack bundle, we’re excited to offer you some free downloadable phone wallpaper backgrounds that perfectly match our new cover designs. Coordinating your Artful Agenda cover with your phone’s background is a fun way to add a splash of summer to your daily routine. With nine vibrant and unique designs, there’s something for everyone to love.

Meet the Summer Collection

  • Poolside Planner: Dive into a light blue tiled pattern reminiscent of your favorite poolside retreat.
  • Fruitopia: Vibrant clusters of grapes, berries, and citrus fruit on a peachy pink background – a true feast for the eyes.
  • Palm, Cool, & Collected: A jungle vibe that brings the lush, tropical foliage right to your planner.
  • Flight of Fancy: Colorful hummingbirds and wildflowers on a pale mint background, capturing the essence of a whimsical garden.
  • Hey Gull Friend!: A flock of seagulls soars across a watercolor blue sky, perfect for beach lovers.
  • Make an Impression: An explosion of impressionistic flowers in bright pinks, reds, purples, and blues that make a bold statement.
  • Beach, Please!: A cheerful coastal scene with sailboats, palms, and pink houses – very preppy and coastal chic.
  • Seas the Day: A graphical wave design in navy blue and white, capturing the essence of the ocean.
  • Summer Reef-reshment: An underwater coral reef inspired by Matisse’s expressive style, bringing the ocean’s beauty to your planner.

Coordinating for Summer Fun

Matching your Artful Agenda cover with your phone’s background is more than just fun – it’s a way to keep the spirit of summer alive in every aspect of your day. Imagine opening your planner and your phone to see the same delightful designs, creating a seamless and stylish experience that motivates and inspires you.

Plus, with our iOS and Android widgets, you can extend this coordination to your phone’s home screen. These widgets display a snippet of your chosen Artful Agenda cover, ensuring that every glance at your phone is a burst of summer joy. It’s not just about organization; it’s about creating a cohesive and delightful visual experience that keeps you smiling all day long.

But why stop there? Our Live Artfully store offers a range of items that coordinate perfectly with some of our Artful Agenda covers. From phone cases and laptop sleeves to zippered pouches, decorative pillows, and journals, you can extend the stylish and functional design of Artful Agenda into other aspects of your daily life. Check out the full collection in our Live Artfully store.

Get Your Free Downloads

We’re offering these matching phone wallpapers as free downloads so you can start coordinating today. Simply choose your favorite designs, and on your phone or tablet, long press on an image above and save, or on a computer, you can right-click on the image and save. Then set it as your wallpaper background to brighten up your phone with a touch of summer.

Why You’ll Love the Artful Summer 2024 Covers & Sticker Pack Bundle

Our Artful Summer 2024 Covers & Sticker Pack bundle isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling good too. The lively designs and playful stickers are perfect for keeping your planning fresh and exciting all season long. Whether you’re scheduling beach days, garden parties, or just looking to bring a bit of summer cheer to your everyday tasks, this bundle has got you covered.

Let’s make this summer unforgettable with Artful Agenda’s beautiful, coordinated covers and wallpapers. Download your favorites today and let the summer fun begin!

If you haven’t experienced the convenience of digital planning combined with the joy of a beautiful paper planner, now is the perfect time to try Artful Agenda. Take advantage of our FREE two-week trial today!

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