Declutter Your Home Office

declutter home office

Declutter Your Home Office

declutter home office

Declutter Your Home Office

If you’ve suddenly found yourself spending more time working from your home office, you may find that it’s harder to keep the area neat and clean. A cluttered workspace can make it hard to focus and be productive. We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should declutter your home office and tips for getting started. 

Declutter Your Surroundings, Declutter Your Mind

Studies have shown that clutter may affect your quality of life. Cleaning up your workspace can make it easier for you to find mental clarity and positively affect psychological health issues like stress and anxiety. Research shows that the clutter we keep in our houses affects us outside of our homes and can negatively influence mental illnesses. 

Why It’s Important to Declutter Your Home Office

Having a cluttered workspace can make your environment feel chaotic. It’s often hard to find the things you need, and even if you think you know where everything is, you’ll spend more time locating items than you would if there were no clutter. Decluttering your office can help you by:

Lowering Stress Levels

Clutter makes it easy to feel overwhelmed because so many unnecessary items surround you. The simple solution to lowering stress caused by your environment is to get rid of clutter. Having a clear space makes it easier to have a clear mind.

Increasing Productivity

Cleaning up clutter makes it easier to focus on the tasks you need to get done. “Out of sight, out of mind” rings true here. You can focus more on the tasks at hand when you don’t have reminders of other things you need to get done right in front of you.

Saving You Time

Decluttering not only cleans up and gives you space, but it can also save you time. When you have a clean workspace, there are fewer possessions to clean up and organize in the future. By having a less cluttered office, you lower the chances you will misplace items and waste time looking for the things you need. 

Start with a Clean Out

The first thing you should do when trying to declutter your office is to discard anything you don’t use or need. Unnecessary items can include things like old notes and documents or unused office supplies.

Getting rid of unnecessary decorative items can also help and remove any household items that aren’t related to your work. Only keep the essential things allows you to create a space dedicated to work and being productive.

Switch to Clutter-Free Alternatives

A straightforward way to reduce clutter is to switch to digital alternatives since they are virtual and clutter-free! If you need a paper copy, file the document away. If you don’t need a hard copy, scan the document onto your computer to store a digital version. 

You can also switch to digital planning with Artful Agenda. Artful Agenda gives you all the features you love about paper planners, without any of the clutter! It’s a great way to minimize the paper products you keep in your office. 

With Artful Agenda, you sync with your current Google, iCal, and Outlook calendars, so you don’t have to worry about setting up an entirely new calendar. Switching to Artful Agenda also gives you virtually unlimited space, which can help with limiting your paper clutter. 

You can even create to-do lists within the app and assign tasks to the day you want to get them done without rewriting anything! Our Lists function is a great place to organize notes and lists as an alternative to unorganized sticky notes.

Learn more about switching to Artful Agenda by clicking here. Let Artful Agenda help you declutter your life.

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