Going Digital: Making the Switch From Paper to Programmed

Going Digital: Making the Switch From Paper to Programmed

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Imagine spending your hard-earned dollars on a paper planner, to then devote your time filling up the pages with appointments, contacts, and information…

But, wait, what’s this?

After a busy day of errands and obligations, you arrive home to find that your beloved paper planner isn’t anywhere to be found. You know you had it earlier in the day, but it’s not in its usual spot in your purse—or anywhere else for that matter.

Gasp—you’ve lost it. It’s gone forever. You can’t believe all that hard work is now resulting in tears and disappointment.

Enter the digital planner: the twenty-first century’s way of preventing paper planner loss and distress. 

Whether you’re already clued into this innovative invention or this is the first you’ve heard of having a customizable planner on your screen, read on for the many benefits of making the switch from paper to programmed.

It’s More Efficient

Did you know that most people type faster than they write? 

The good news about digital planners is that they save you time and energy. Not only are you able to enter, edit, re-order, and list tasks, goals, and information at the click of a button or the drag of a mouse, but you can also eliminate double or triple entry.

What does this mean, I hear you ask? Well, when you put something on your month view, it will show up in the week and day views automatically.

This is ideal for any professional or stay at home mom with a hectic lifestyle— like this mama of two (almost three) young kids, who is currently running and renovating a house alongside two businesses. Phew.

Needless to say, our time and energy are precious—and the more efficient we can be with our calendaring, the better. Am I right?

It Helps You to Be More Organized

Speaking of calendaring, the beauty of a digital planner is its syncing capabilities. 

Gone are the days of coordinating an online calendar with a paper planner and getting confused about your schedule. Artful Agenda syncs your Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars to make viewing all of your obligations and events easy.

And do you know what else? They allow your events to show up in chronological order; whereas, with a paper planner, later additions might be out of order.

(You mean I was supposed to meet Susan for lunch four days ago instead of today? Poor Susan got stood up? Not cool.)

Plus, paper planners can box you in, limiting you to only what fits onto a sheet of paper. 

I mean, my paper calendars always start off looking great and feeling organized. However, as time goes on, they never stay this way. Dates and times change, tasks and goals need to be modified, and I can never keep up with demand. Sob.

With digital options, erasing and re-entering changes is simple, which makes my life so much easier.

Moreover, space is less of an issue thanks to the ability to scroll and expand the view. Allowing you to keep lists, tasks, and goals in their appropriate places without running out of room.

(Cue the Hallelujah music.)

It Keeps You More Connected

Another reason to make the switch is the fact that digital planners allow different users to access your calendar.

Remember when your family and colleagues used to know nothing about your upcoming events and appointments, and you were never able to keep up with theirs? Well, worry no longer.

With digital calendars, you can instantly share your schedule with anyone and vice versa. You don’t even have to carry a paper agenda around. (High-five!)

Simply input events and tasks on your phone or computer as soon as you find out about them. Whether you’re in the office or on the move, this information will sync across your chosen devices.

The main reason I made the switch to digital was so I could instantly share my calendar. My husband is a touring musician with a busy and varying schedule, and we both need instant access to each other’s calendars to keep our lives running smoothly.  Now that we have Artful Agenda, we’ll never go back to the paper planner grind.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Oh, and did I mention that by investing in a digital planner, you save the planet a bunch of trees?

It goes without saying that there’s a big push for sustainability right now in consumer culture. Making the switch from paper to programmed ensures that you’re not contributing to unnecessary waste.

Unlike digital planners, paper versions can’t give you this feel-good factor and allow you to rest easy at night knowing that your choice helps the environment.

There is no need to get a new planner each year (which saves trees!),  and you eliminate the need to carry around several colored pens. Why? Well, color coding is automatic in digital planner land thanks to multiple calendar categories. 

It’s More Fun!

So is there a downside to digital planning, I hear you ask?

Well, if you would have checked in with me a year ago, I would have said yes—digital planning is boring, uninspired, and frankly pretty dull.

I would have told you that there is something alluring about a physical planner. I used to be a paper gal through and through, from the easy-to-digest layout and the style and creativity aspect.

That said, I always wished there was a digital option available that offered more in the way of form and function.

Step forward, Artful Agenda is just as beautiful as it is useful with an abundance of handy features at your fingertips.

Are you into aesthetics too? No problem. Alongside color coding capabilities, Artful Agenda allows you to choose your handwriting, insert stickers into your content, and change your cover based on your mood or the season.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have just as much fun with a digital version as it is with a paper planner. Spoiler alert: maybe even more so.

Reap the Rewards of Making the Switch

In summary, are you tired of losing time, energy, and sleep trying to maintain an orderly life in a world of chaos, hectic workloads, and information overload? Do you favor sustainability and a life that’s fulfilling and balanced between your friends, family, and work? Do you want to simplify your day-to-day existence without the downsides of a physical organizer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I think it’s about time you make the switch from paper to programmed and invest in a digital planner. Perhaps it’s about time that you bring the color back into your life.

Ready to Make the Switch?

  • Brittney Scheufens
    Posted at 13:35h, 10 February Reply

    Will artful agenda send reminders to my phone or tablet for an event on the calendar?

    • Katy Allen
      Posted at 16:57h, 03 September Reply

      Hi Brittney! If you have the mobile app, yes, you can turn on push notifications!

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