Switching from Paper Planning to Digital Planning

digital planning

Switching from Paper Planning to Digital Planning

digital planning

You love your paper planner, and you’ve been using it (or one similar to it) for as long as you can remember. Why would you want to make the switch to digital planning now?

Digital planning can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Artful Agenda makes switching from a paper planner to a digital planner fun, and it’s easy-to-use features make the transition a breeze.

The truth is that digital planners can make your life so much easier.

When you switch to digital planning with Artful Agenda, you’re switching to a more efficient way of planning. Artful Agenda has features built-in that make it easier to be productive. (We’ll go over those below.)

Digital planners are also a more sustainable option because they don’t use all of the physical materials needed to produce a paper planner. 

You’ll even save money with Artful Agenda. Whether you choose a monthly or an annual subscription, the price is lower than many popular paper planners. Plus, you won’t need to spend money on pens, highlighters, or washi tape!

Paper Planners Can’t Do This

Using a digital planner gives you options that are unavailable to you when using a paper planner. 

Your Planner in the Palm of Your Hand

One of the things I disliked most about having a paper planner was having to carry it around. I loved agendas that had a page for each day, but those were bulky and heavy. To carry it with me, I had to bring a big purse that could hold my planner and whatever else I needed for that day.

When creating Artful Agenda, designing a convenient planner that I didn’t have to carry around with me all the time was a must. Additionally, I wanted paper planner features included, unlike other digital calendars out there.

When you use a digital planner with a mobile app, your planner is a part of something you have with you at all times (your phone!). It fits in the palm of your hand, so you never have to worry about leaving your planner behind!

Design Your Planner However You Like

With Artful Agenda, you can get creative with your planner! The best part is, you aren’t stuck with any specific design. I love this because I would get such FOMO when designs were released after buying my agenda. 

Within Artful, you can:

  • Choose one of our 30+ free covers and change it as often as you’d like. No need to stress over which cover you like better, and never worry about not being able to snag your favorite cover before it sells out.

  • Use hex codes to match your events and appointments to your cover. You can use the colors programmed in Artful Agenda or create your own color combinations using hex codes! Unlike colored pens or highlighters that limit you to what is available in-stores.

  • Add to stickers to your digital planner. You don’t have to give up using stickers in your planner when you switch to Artful Agenda. We have sticker packs for all kinds of appointments, events, holidays, and seasons! 

Schedule Your Events for Specific Times or All Day

Artful Agenda makes it simple to set your events for specific times or mark them as “all day.” Plus, once you add something to a particular view (Month, Week, or Day), it will automatically populate into the other views. Default syncing means you don’t have to think about adding events in multiple places!

Writing or marking events in a paper planner can be messy or even time-consuming (hello, washi tape), but Artful Agenda makes it a breeze. AND you never have to worry about making a mess of your planner if your plans change. With Artful Agenda, you can simply adjust events or delete them as needed.

You can also set your events to repeat according to your schedule. If you know you’re going to sign up for the same gym class, or you have an appointment at the same time every week, you don’t have to add it to your calendar continually.

Repeating Tasks & To-Dos that Roll Over

These are two of the latest (favorite!) updates to Artful Agenda, repeating and rollover tasks. 

With repeating tasks, you can set tasks to reoccur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. This capability comes in handy for tasks you need (or sometimes want) to get done regularly. Repeating tasks are useful for tasks as small as taking clothes to the dry cleaner and as important as paying your bills.

Rollover incomplete tasks help to make sure you never forget something on your to-do list. When tasks rollover you don’t have to worry about rewriting them each day. I love this because some things (like folding laundry) aren’t urgent, however necessary, and I need the reminder to make sure I do it!

Never Miss a Beat with Push Notifications

While paper planners are great, they don’t have reminder functionality. Getting notifications sent to your phone or email is a huge benefit of digital planning. 

Push notifications are probably the biggest distinguisher between Artful Agenda and paper planners. They make sure I never forget an appointment, and on the days when all of the kids have something going on, like sports and club meetings, they keep me on schedule.

Enjoy All Your Favorite Paper Planner Features

Artful Agenda allows you to do virtually everything you can do in a paper planner and more!

You have customization options the same way you do with paper ones, plus the comfort of knowing you’ll never need to deal with erasers or whiteout. 

Don’t worry about having to choose between a monthly, weekly, or daily planner. With Artful Agenda, you get all three! Our Day view also has sections for Priority Tasks, Other Tasks, and a customizable list or notes section.

Artful Agenda offers the meal planning, water tracking, and inspirational quote sections you find in popular paper planners. Plus, our List function gives you the perfect spot to keep your grocery list, jot down notes, and create a master to-do list.

If you’re ready to make the switch to digital planning, or just want to give Artful Agenda a try to see if you like it, start your two-week free trial today!

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