The Only Christmas Checklist You’ll Need This Holiday Season

The Only Christmas Checklist You’ll Need This Holiday Season

During the hectic holiday season the tasks you need to accomplish are likely multiplied three or fourfold – at least! There are gifts to buy, homes to decorate, meals to prepare, cards to send, and festivities to attend. All of these holiday traditions will require some careful planning and thoughtful preparation on your part. With such a mountain of tasks, no one can rely solely on their memory to get it all done. To calm the Christmas chaos you need a way to create holiday lists that are readable, organized, flexible, and accessible. Artful Agenda’s List Tab and Day View task boxes are the Christmas checklist magic you need this year! 


We know that lists are valuable and necessary but a list is only helpful if you can read it! Although there are times when writing things down by hand is preferable, making detailed Christmas checklists is not the time to pull out a pen and paper. A recent study discovered that 45 percent of Americans struggle to read their own handwriting! Artful Agenda allows you to ensure your lists are legible and gives you the option of 10 different handwriting-like fonts. You can also use your Apple Pencil with a Scribble-compatible iPad to enter your items using handwriting-to-text, which of course is the best of both worlds!



One of the most useful features of the List tab is the ability to assign checklist items directly to the task list of your choice in the Day view, or to your Monthly or Weekly Goals lists if you prefer. On the Day view, you have the flexibility to rename your task list boxes to whatever you like. Maybe, for the season you dedicate one of the 3 checklist boxes to your holiday-related tasks. Even when we try not to overbook our days, sometimes we still don’t manage to cross off all of the items from our lists because, well – life happens! A magical feature of Artful Agenda is the ability to manually ‘snooze’ a task to another day, or have your unchecked tasks roll automatically to the next day!


After you have put in all the effort to prepare your lists, you need to make sure you can find them and you have them with you wherever you are. Nothing is worse than making a detailed list and then losing it or forgetting it at home when you go out to purchase the supplies you need for your holiday projects! You also need to be able to add to your lists whenever you remember something that needs to be on it because chances are if you don’t add it to your list immediately, it is likely to be forgotten again. 

Artful Agenda syncs seamlessly across all of your devices and on all platforms. So no matter if you are at your computer at work or at home, in your car, or at the store, you can access all of your lists. Using Artful Agenda’s built-in search feature also makes it easy to quickly pull up the exact list you need. From any of the agenda’s views, you can click on the magnifying glass and type in the title of the list or if you add identifier tags such as @22xmas to the bottom of your lists, it will pull up only the lists relevant to the current holiday season.


Another bonus of using a digital checklist like Artful Agenda is that once the current holiday season is over you can reuse your master lists that you created in the List Tab. Simply select all of the checklist items in a section, click on the check circle icon at the top to remove them, and then click it again to start over with a fresh list of unchecked items ready to be used again next Christmas!

Holiday Checklist Ideas

  • Master To-Do list with timeline
  • Christmas & Thank You cards to send
  • Menu planning for the whole season
  • Events, activities, and holiday traditions to schedule
  • Supplies for handmade gifts, homemade treats, and gift wrapping
  • Gifts to buy and links to ideas and notes of where you purchased them

If you haven’t experienced the magic that Artful Agenda can bring to your Christmas planning you can take advantage of our FREE two-week trial for yourself or spread good cheer by giving Artful Agenda as a gift to a loved one!




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