Artful Agenda Careers: Health and Human Services

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Artful Agenda Careers: Health and Human Services

When the state of the world is in chaos, I am grateful that we have such talented professionals in the health and human services world.

Now more than ever, due to COVID-19, we need the help of those who work in health and human services as well as each other.

Frontline health care workers are daily putting themselves at risk in this season and every day they protect and promote the health and wellbeing of others. Additionally, counselors and therapists are living in a new digital error. Carrying the weight of the mental health of those who are worried, anxious, and in some ways unable to connect with their larger networks. 

These heroes are constantly on the go and put the needs of others first, which is why digital planning has been proven to be effective to navigate theirs always in demand lifestyles.

Here’s how Artful Agenda enables those in the field not only to do their job but do it well, during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

Artful Agenda’s Calendar Encourages Organization

Firstly, a Nurse Case Manager, Home Health Nurse, and Mom of a child with special needs (who wishes to remain anonymous) claims that the collaborative calendar is Artful Agenda’s MOST USEFUL tool.

“I am able to schedule my home health visits and access it easily,” she explains.

Similarly, Counselor and Mom of four Hillary from Cleveland, Ohio praises the fact that you can sync ANY Google, iCloud or Outlook calendar and states that the syncing itself “works very smoothly.”

Hillary goes one step further to say that Artful Agenda daily view (in addition to the weekly and monthly views) ACTIVELY ENCOURAGES her to be organized.

“I can easily schedule my clients and color-code family members and work,” she clarifies. “Keeping my life separated and together at the same time is invaluable to me.”

She goes on: “This planner has streamlined my thoughts in a very helpful way. I can easily set up tasks to complete my notes and cross them off so I don’t forget or put them off.”

And when everything is in order? It improves your productivity AND efficiency. 

The List Automation Tool Saves Time

Speaking of the different views, Hillary also is a big fan of the LISTS tool and the planner’s ability to AUTOMATICALLY populate tasks into the weekly and daily views.

“This saves me so much time because I can see my week ahead as well as my current day,” she explains.

Additionally, it helps that events “are easy to move or change” at the drop of a hat.

When your occupation has a schedule that involves organizing people who are canceling or trying to schedule in a world that is CONSTANTLY changing, you can’t ask for more than the ability to easily drag, drop, and reschedule! 

You Get All the Benefits of a Paper Planner and Then Some!

Finally, the digital aspect of Artful Agenda is UNPARALLELED.

The Nurse Case Manager, Home Health Nurse, and Mom of a child with special needs (who wishes to remain anonymous) says that her planner prevents potential memory loss.

“I don’t forget things as easily,” she explains. “It’s straightforward to check my schedule throughout the day via my phone or desktop or tablet whereas I would forget my physical planner ALL THE TIME!”

Hillary is in complete agreement: “I would always forget my planner or only have certain lists or dates in mind in my notes section or my phone. This app has converged it all together and I still have the feel of a paper planner with cover choices and stickers.”

If truth be told, decorating this digital planner allows you to UNLEASH your creativity and bring some PLAYFULNESS to your day if you have ANY kind of job that is important and/or serious in nature. We understand that those in health and human services are feeling the heaviness of this time and if they can find some joy in stickers and a beautiful cover, we want them to have ALL the joy! 

The Takeaway: Being Productive While Protecting the Health of Others

In times of the unknown and unpredictable, it’s a relief to know that we have the help of those who work in health and human services to fall back on.

We should ALWAYS praise and respect the individuals who have built a career in this field and TRUST that they know what’s best for us… 

Here at Artful, we want those in the health and human services fields (especially those on the frontlines) to know that we are so proud of the hard work you are doing every day. We are here for you and think that what we have to offer will help you to navigate these crazy times (and beyond) with a little more efficiency, productivity, and beauty. 

  • Chris
    Posted at 21:31h, 10 April Reply

    Really excited to take the plunge. I’m a healthcare worker who has been eyeing your planner for a while, but is a DIE HARD paper planner user. Might be time for a change…

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