Using Artful Agenda as a School Planner

school planner

Using Artful Agenda as a School Planner

school planner

Using Artful Agenda as a School Planner

Artful Agenda offers a variety of features that will help keep you organized and productive throughout the academic year. Here’s your guide to using Artful Agendas as your digital school planner. 

Why You Should Use a Planner for School

Using a planner to keep up with school, especially a digital planner like Artful Agenda, has several benefits. 

Planners help with time management and productivity. Using a planner can help you spend your time more effectively by giving you a visual representation of what you’re doing and what’s on your to-do lists. Putting your class schedule, assignments, events, and extracurricular activities into a planner allows you to holistically see everything you have going on, enabling you to prioritize and make better decisions regarding your schedule.

Using a planner can decrease your stress level. Having all of your classes and assignments in one place means you’re less likely to miss a due date or overlook an important task. You can avoid the feeling of dread that occurs when you realize a paper you thought was due next week is due tomorrow. When you write everything down, you free up valuable brain space and decrease your stress levels.

Digital Planning for Online Learning

Going back to school looks a little different for most of us this year. Whether you’ll be attending classes in-person, online, or combining the two, Artful Agenda makes staying organized easy. 

It combines the aesthetic and functionality of popular paper planners with the convenience of a digital calendar. Having everything in the palm of your hand or on the computer can help you cut back on paper and clutter. Since Artful Agenda is available on your phone and computer, you have one less thing to worry about keeping track of or possibly losing. 

If you want to know more about using a digital agenda, we’ve written about that too

Create a Calendar for Classes

Artful Agenda allows you to sync with as many calendar accounts as you like, for all of the different classes, activities, and obligations in your life. Syncing your calendar with Artful Agenda gives you the ability to set up your schedule in a productive way. 

One option is to create a single calendar for your class schedule and one for your assignment due dates.

Another idea is to create a calendar for each class. This way, you can color coordinate upcoming events and due dates by subject.

Use Lists to Keep Track of Assignments

You can use Artful Agenda’s List section to keep a master list for each course and when assignments from those courses are due. From the master list, you can assign each task to the day you plan to work on it, and it will automatically appear in the Other Tasks section for that day!

back to school

Customize Your Planner However You Like

Artful Agenda has so many ways you can make it your own! You can change your cover aesthetics whenever you want, and if you make changes that you don’t love, you can change them back without having to deal with whiteout or eraser marks. 

Our mobile and web apps offer a variety of covers, from neutral to colorful. You can set the color of the events on your calendar to any color you want, and you can even choose colors that match your cover. We also have planner stickers that you can add, including a Back to School pack!

Get Organized (and So Much More!) With Artful Agenda

With Artful Agenda, you can say goodbye to handwritten lists and forgetting assignments! Using our mobile and web apps, you can:

  • Declutter your to-do list and decide what’s most important using our Priority Tasks section. 
  • Time block your class schedule and times for things like work, exercise, and homework/studying.
  • Keep track of all of your assignments and due dates.
  • Choose between starting your week on a Monday or Sunday (or switch between the two until you figure out which option you like best).
  • Take the stress out of grocery shopping and deciding what to have for dinner with our meal planning section.
  • Stay hydrated using our daily water tracker to make sure you get your eight glasses. 
  • Never worry about leaving your planner at home because it’s always a tap or click away.
  • Never run out of room with virtually unlimited space.
  • Change the Custom List section to whatever works best for you, like “Studying Tasks” or “Questions from Class.”

Switch to digital planning this school year! Start your free trial of Artful Agenda here.

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