Writing the Perfect Thank You Note

Thank You Note

Writing the Perfect Thank You Note

Thank You Note

Thank you notes are a great way to let the people in your life know you appreciate the gifts they get you and the things they do for you. Even when you have the best intentions, writing the perfect thank you note can be difficult. Here are some of our tips!

Start With a Greeting

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re writing a lot of thank you notes, it is easy to forget to greet the recipient of the note. By beginning the note with a greeting, you make it more intimate than simply starting the note with “Thank you for…”

Be Specific About What You’re Thanking Them For

Generalized thank you notes may seem like a good way to quickly finish writing them, but they also show a lack of effort on the part of the note writer. When writing your thank you notes, be specific about what it is that person gave to you or did for you that you want to show your gratitude for. Doing this helps the recipient know you truly appreciate them and what they did.

Make Sure It’s Personal

The best thank you notes don’t just thank the recipient for their gift or action. They also add details to make each note personalized. For instance, just saying thank you for the toaster you received as a wedding present would be adequate, but a good thank you note would also include detail about how often you use it or a shared memory involving a toaster.

Don’t Forget to Send It

After you’ve put in all of the hard work of creating individualized thank you notes, don’t forget to send them! After all, going to the post office is not the most fun errand. It can be easy to brush doing it aside, but try to get it done as soon as you can. This will help prevent you from forgetting to send them while also making sure that the notes are received in a timely manner.

Using Artful Agenda to Help

Artful Agenda is a great tool to assist you with writing thank you notes.

Use the Lists tab to keep track of the people who you would like to send thank you notes. Since Artful Agenda is a digital planner and not a paper one, you have virtually unlimited storage, so you can keep track of as many people as you need to, as well as what you’re thanking them for and whether or not you’ve already sent them their thank you note.

Add sending your thank you notes to your daily to-do list. By making one of your Priority Tasks “Take thank you notes to the post office”, you can make sure it gets done. And with our rollover task feature, it will stay on your to-do list until you mark it completed.

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