5 Calendars That Will Simplify Life

Simplify Life

5 Calendars That Will Simplify Life

Simplify Life

Dividing your Artful Agenda into different calendar categories can help you become more organized and simplify life.

Simplify Life Through Organization

A lack of organization can make your life more complicated than necessary. Despite this, actually getting organized can seem like a daunting task. Getting your calendar in order is a great place to start. In fact, I created Artful Agenda to help organize your life in a fun, aesthetically pleasing way!

Add Calendars to Your Artful Agenda

Using different calendars for the varying areas of your life is a great way to create a more organized agenda. Artful Agenda allows you to add calendars from Google, iCalendar, and Outlook. and you can then create multiple calendars within one linked account for each calendar category you’d like to use.

Color Code Your Calendars

Each of the calendars you add can be assigned a color using hex codes. Setting up your calendars this way makes it possible for Artful Agenda to automatically color code every event you add. 

Why bother with color coding your calendars? Studies have shown that the visual cues you get from color coding can make it easier to stay organized and can increase your productivity. Plus, with the color coding automatically applied via the different calendars, you’ll save time when adding events to your agenda. 

Update Your Colors Whenever You Want

One of the best things about Artful Agenda is the ability to easily make edits and changes . If you realize you need one calendar to stand out more than it currently does, it’s simple to change the color to something more eye-catching. If you color code your calendars to match your cover and later decide to switch to a different one, changing your calendar hex codes so that they match the new cover is a breeze. 

Hide What You Don’t Need

Artful Agenda allows you to hide and show calendars as you need them. For instance, if you’re on vacation and don’t want to think about work, you can hide that calendar for the duration of your trip. Once you’re back home, you can show it again.

How I Use Different Calendars

I personally use calendars that I’ve titled Work, Family, School and Schedule. My Family calendar is the calendar I share with my husband to keep him informed of everything going on, even if it’s work-related for me. My School calendar is for my first grader, Oliver, and helps me stay on top of everything going on with school for him. I use my Schedule calendar to time block and organize my schedule on a micro-level. I love having it as its own separate calendar because I can easily toggle it on and off. 

Five Calendars to Get You Started

Not sure where to start with organizing your life into separate calendars? Here are some suggestions to consider:

  1. Personal: This calendar can be where you keep track of things like social events and appointments.
  2. Family: You can use this calendar for events and occasions in your family’s life,  such as your children’s extracurriculars and family trips,
  3. Work: Your Work calendar can be used to keep track of things like work deadlines and team meetings. Plus, having a calendar dedicated to work can help you have a better work-life balance. 
  4. School: I use mine to keep track of my child’s school schedule, but you can also use it to keep track of your own! Add things like class times, assignments, and teacher office hours. Learn more about using Artful Agenda as an academic planner here
  5. Schedule: This calendar is great for time blocking. Use it for things like when you want to work, making sure you take a lunch break and any chore or errand you need to make sure you get done. 

Artful Agenda makes it easy to declutter your calendar and live a more organized life. You can start your two-week free trial today!

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