A Sunday To-Do List: Preparing for the Week Ahead

Sunday to-do list

A Sunday To-Do List: Preparing for the Week Ahead

Sunday to-do list

Like most things in life, Monday mornings will go a little more smoothly if you’ve done some preparation beforehand. Here are some of our suggestions of things to add to your Sunday to-do list.

Write Your To-Do List and Goals

The easiest way to do this is to write down everything you need to do in a “brain dump” list and sort things from this list in the way that works best for you. For example, consider organizing your to-do lists by category, by urgency, or by what day of the week you plan to get it done. 

Don’t forget to add some fun things in there too! Keeping track of all the things you have to do is important, but you’ll need time to decompress too.

Tidy Up Around the House

This doesn’t have to be a full, deep clean of your place, but doing some tidying will help you go into Monday feeling less overwhelmed. Reducing visual clutter can help you have a clearer mind and enable you to focus more on the things you need to get done. Some examples of things you can do that aren’t too time consuming include: 

  • Clean off your desk, table, or any surface you use for work
  • Load and start the dishwasher
  • Move dirty clothes and towels to the hamper
  • Clear off anything you don’t need from your nightstand

We’ve even written a blog post on decluttering your home office if you need it!

Do Some Meal Prepping

One simple way to make your week easier is to prepare some of your meals ahead of time. These don’t have to be elaborate meals that keep you in the kitchen for hours. Anything you put together that helps you save time and reduce stress in the week ahead counts. Here are some simple meal prepping steps to make your week easier:

  • Slice fruit or veggies for snacks
  • Divide packages of spring mix and cherry tomatoes into containers for an easy salad base for lunches
  • Make bags of turkey and cheese roll ups
  • Cut lemon or other fruit you like in your water or tea

Pick Your Weekly Affirmations

This is a great thing to do on a weekly basis because your needs and circumstances will change, and dedicating time to it weekly will keep your affirmations intentional and current. If you would like more information on morning affirmations, as well as some examples, you can check out our blog post about them here.

Take Some Time for Self Care

Self care is a great way to recharge your mental battery before you start another week. Remember: it’s impossible to fill from an empty glass. By dedicating some time to something that brings you joy and helps you relax, you make it easier to start your Monday feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week. Self care can look like:

  • Doing a YouTube stretching or yoga sequence
  • Going for a walk by yourself
  • Reading a book
  • Having a cup of your favorite tea

Go to Sleep Earlier

The only thing worse than waking up on Monday is waking up on Monday and feeling exhausted. Whenever possible, try to use your Sunday night as an opportunity to go to bed earlier than you normally would to make sure you’re well rested. These suggestions can help you feel relaxed at bedtime:

  • Take a warm bath or shower
  • Start using blue light glasses as soon as the sun goes down
  • Stop using all screens a minimum of one hour before you plan to go to sleep
  • Drink a some bedtime tea

Check out our blog post about getting better sleep for more tips.

Use Artful Agenda on Sundays

Artful Agenda is the perfect tool to help you with your Sunday to-do list. In fact, you can set recurring tasks for every Sunday to make sure you do everything on your list each week. Here are some other ways Artful Agenda can help you:

  • Track your weekly goals in the designated section within our Week view
  • Use the Lists tab to create a master to-do list, and assign the tasks to specific days
  • Plan out your daily meals in our Week or Day view to help you with Sunday meal prep
  • Set a reminder to go to sleep by a certain time

Say goodbye to Sunday scaries and start your week off right with a Sunday to-do list and Artful Agenda!

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