Artful Agenda Careers: Social Workers

Artful Agenda Careers: Social Workers

I have a LOT of respect for social workers. 

They’re often the FIRST point of contact for victims of domestic violence, neglect, abuse, and mental health disorders.

Alongside offering support to a range of individuals, social workers may also diagnose and treat behavioral, mental, and emotional issues.

Social workers invest in both the individual and the system to improve things for everyone- which makes their role crucial. It also makes their role a heavy one. They carry not only huge hearts for others but also juggle multiple clients, appointments, and meetings. This can be so unbelievably challenging when you’re constantly on the go.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

According to the women who work in social work daily, you could benefit from having a handy organization tool.

Find out what social workers on the front line think of this digital planner versus a traditional paper version below.

Artful Agenda’s Visual Features Are Accommodating

Firstly, according to Social Worker Jennifer from Mayfield, NY, the ability to “color-code” a digital planner is EXTREMELY useful in her line of work.

She explains: “I can associate colors with specific clients to keep track of their appointments.”

It also helps that Artful Agenda’s calendar has a daily view that allows you to put a to-do list alongside your schedule. Jennifer calls this a “game-changer” for social workers worldwide.

Mary Beth, a Social Worker from TN, is in firm agreement. She explains that the daily view makes 

information easily accessible and the planner “quick and easy to use” as a result.

Calendar Syncing Keeps Everything Orderly

Speaking of functionality, Mary Beth LOVES the fact that you can use Artful Agenda on your computer OR your phone.

Angie, an E-911 Supervisor from Sibley, concurs. She is responsible for overseeing frontline personnel in the daily operation of a 911 call center and says: “The fact that I am able to access my information across all platforms makes this app a must-have.”

She also likes that you can sync multiple calendars and “toggle them on and off.” This is because it’s solely her responsibility to “manage operations using different calendars for scheduling, training, appointments and my boss’ schedule.”

Angie explains further: “Managing a 24-hour emergency services center, it is sometimes necessary to make schedule changes very quickly due to a particular incident or staff illness. Many times, these needs arise outside my normal working hours. Having a schedule calendar, along with personnel contact list and overtime list, so easily accessible simplifies this process. Being able to make these changes while I am out of the office has reduced confusion and errors on staff schedules.”

In this kind of role, it seems like you can’t ask for much more than that!

The Ability to Make Lists Encourages Productivity

Angie continues: “In addition to easily managing multiple calendars in one place, I am able to take meeting notes, and ‘brain dump’ project tasks using the LIST feature.”

She finds this super convenient because she can “schedule the tasks directly from the lists for goal-setting.”

Jennifer goes one step further, stating: “I thought that getting rid of paper would make me feel disorganized, but instead it has kept me more organized and on task.”

She continues: “Between the lists I make and the color coding for client appointments, I am so much more efficient!”

The Digital Aspect Improves Job Competence

Finally, when asked if she preferred having a digital planner to a paper option, Jennifer didn’t hesitate in saying YES.

She elaborates: “I have told my entire team about this app. I am hoping to convert them all for 2020.”

Mary Beth is in agreement because there’s “less paper in my desk, to carry around and keep up with at all times.”

On the other hand, Angie was initially reluctant.

She clarifies: “I am a scribbler by nature. The switch was gradual but when I ‘planned’ my first-month using Artful Agenda’s monthly view and everything automatically synced across the weekly and daily view, I was sold.”

She continues: “So many times remembering to make those entries into my paper planner on all three views was just such a chore. Because my paper planner was bulky (and heavy!) I didn’t always have it with me. Artful Agenda is always at my fingertips and no heavier than the device I am using it on!”

Plus, it’s kinder to the environment, which apparently creates a win-win situation.

The Takeaway: Helping Social Workers to Help People

Let’s face it: human beings are complex and often not mentally or emotionally equipped to handle major trauma that may happen to us.

That’s why there’s NO SHAME in asking for assistance—and social workers are to be praised because they support others with the tough stuff on a daily basis.

It’s SO rewarding to hear that Artful Agenda serves as one of the tools that help these professionals to help others through the power of organization.

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