Artful Agenda Careers: Wedding Planners

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Artful Agenda Careers: Wedding Planners

It’s no secret that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.

I celebrated my eleventh anniversary last September, which means I planned my wedding before Pinterest was invented, but while DIY was all the rage, I remember carrying a binder full of lists and notes of all the work I had to do to make every moment planned, perfect and thoughtful. It. Was. Exhausting. 

Before you can even MAKE it to your big day, there’s so much to do and arrange, from the flowers and live band to the venue and guest list. Looking back, it’s super clear how having a wedding planner to keep it all organized would have been a LIFE-SAVER. 

As someone who LOVES parties and events, imagine my delight when I heard that professional wedding planners are choosing Artful Agenda as their planner to keep it all together. 

From the words of these women who literally make dreams come true, here’s how the digital planner that I created enables them to do the best job they possibly can for future brides and grooms—and ultimately relieve any stress in the build-up to the big day.

Artful Agenda’s Monthly View Increases Organization

First, did you know that Artful Agenda allows you to easily see your day and month at a glance in order to create a thoughtful, proactive plan? 

Its this very reason why Brenna, a Wedding and Event Coordinator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania claims that the monthly layout is the MOST USEFUL tool when you’re trying to plan a wedding.

Brenna explains: “It allows me to put reminders in for weddings and things that need to happen leading up to them.”

She continues: “I’m new to my field so having a tool that keeps me organized from the get-go has made me feel like a better employee and like I really can handle this new job!”

Haleigh, a Wedding Planner and Coordinator from West Virginia, is in complete agreement. She states: “In my career, my job is to keep others organized and on time so having something that aids me is critical.”

Weddings are all about the details, but having a monthly view means that you can consistently look at the big picture, even if you switch to the daily view to flush out the step by step! 

Having Everything in One Place Helps When You’re On the Go

As a wedding planner, you are often on the road. Whether you’re visiting prospective wedding sites or caterers, catching up or booking current clients, or meeting vendors, you’re on the go the majority of the time.

As a result, Haleigh states that “keeping all tours, phone calls, client meetings, rehearsal dinners, and weddings in one place, as well as keeping track of my personal life” is one of the BEST things about Artful Agenda.

You can have your agenda, to-do list, reminders, and notes all in one place. 

You can even sync multiple calendars to keep track of your teammates’ or loved ones’ schedules.

The Digital Aspect Improves Efficiency

Speaking of practicality, a digital planner that can be accessed on different devices (such as Artful Agenda) is also essential.  It can serve as a fundamental memory refresher for wedding planning activities—and you never have to worry about running out of space, forgetting to grab the right notebook, or missed scheduling conflicts. 

Brenna explains: “I loved my paper planner but always ran into ‘I need to check my agenda but I don’t have it I’ll get back to you.’”

She continues: “Having everything from work to personal on my phone has helped me tremendously on my not-very desk-oriented job.”

Haleigh agrees: “I spent hundreds of dollars on paper planners and then never opened them. I love having my planner right there on my phone that I can just pull out.”

She claims that she uses Artful Agenda “every day” and it works because she “always” has her phone handy.

Evidently, you can’t ask for much more than that!

The Takeaway: Now You Can Plan Your Way to a Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, whether you do it for a living or you’re purely designing your own.

However, the experience CAN and WILL be made easier (and more enjoyable) with the right tools to keep you organized. 

For those women whose job is HUGELY about aesthetics, they shouldn’t have to sacrifice the beauty of a paper planner in order to utilize a digital calendar- and with Artful Agenda, they don’t have to.

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