How to Organize Your Life as an Online Student

How to Organize Your Life as an Online Student

How to Organize Your Life as an Online Student

This blog is a guest post from one of our users, an online student.

For students who are still getting used to online classes, it can be difficult to keep track of every single assignment, class event, or due date. However, making the switch from using paper planners to digital planners like Artful Agenda can make the life of an online student much easier. So, here’s how I made digital organizing work to my advantage as an online student.

Customize Calendars According to Class Needs

I started my first calendar by importing my Google calendar and then customizing its functions using Artful Agenda’s range of features. You can also use calendars from Outlook or iCalendar, or start from scratch and choose whether you want your calendar to be for personal, family, work, school, or other purposes.

I used hex codes to determine specific colors for each of my classes, which makes it easier to see which exams, quizzes, or other upcoming events are for which class. For major classes or projects that require more long-term attention than others, I’ve separated those into different calendars, such as ones that are dedicated to thesis or finals-related work. There’s actually no limit to the number of calendars you can create with Artful Agenda. And you can coordinate different calendars so you won’t miss a thing.

Furthermore, the use of hex codes for assigning colors to any number of customizable events makes everything easier to keep track of. For instance, while I’ve assigned specific colors to different classes, I’ve also assigned more saturated color hues for the most urgent tasks. Meanwhile, the lighter and more pastel hues are for whatever other tasks that can be put on the back burner.

I also use the different available stickers to add more information about certain events, such as identifying which projects are collaborative, or to take note of how I felt about past projects. And finally, the list section is particularly useful for assigning daily tasks that I can check off throughout each school day.

In short, Artful Agenda has made it easy to create my own organizing language, which has made the task of organizing itself infinitely easier than ever before. For more ideas on how you can do this yourself, check out this article on ‘Using Artful Agenda as a School Planner’.

Plan Your Future

I’ve also found digital planners and calendars to be very useful in terms of planning for the future. Apart from school work-related calendars, I’ve also created calendars that outline my potential areas for growth. Currently, I’ve only been taking short-term online courses. And while weighing up the pros and cons of committing to more long-term online degrees, I’ve found Artful Agenda to be useful for keeping track of key dates and events related to degree programs from top online universities.

For students on the same path, the University of Arizona’s new online degree programs is a recent addition to the range of formal education degrees that students can complete wholly online. You can make a dedicated calendar to take note of the admission dates and other crucial deadlines for degrees or scholarship options you might want to keep an eye on.

Some established online universities actually allow new students to choose from multiple start dates. This is the case with Maryville University’s online bachelors degrees, which are also degree courses that can be completed 100% online. Top online universities like Maryville have dedicated admission pages detailing the dates and deadlines related to admissions, applications, 24/7 technical support, student aid programs, and much more. And with these dates importable to platforms like Google and Outlook with one click, they’re also instantly transferable to an Artful Agenda calendar. You can also take note of specific course requirements using the list section.

There’s not much that can’t be organized using Artful Agenda. From simple quiz dates and assignment deadlines to the online degree programs you can take in the near future, digitizing your calendar can go a long way towards organizing your life as an online student. And with Artful Agenda already being available for both iOS and Android, you can keep all your calendars and notes right in your pocket.

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